Jigasi Outbound Calls does not work

hey guys, im struggling with jigasi for outbound calls

If i try to call out i get the problem that the number can not be invited, i do not see any logs in jicofo or jigasi, i guess it has to do with jigasi that is sending the wrong port to the sip provider, the sip provider is using 5064, i added to the config this:( but i guess this is only for registration but not for dial out)


just fyi call in works fine.
just dial out from jitsi is not working.

I found another thread where @damencho has give the hint to uncomment the line


i have done it, but still no luck

the only log i can i see is in the development tool in chrome but its not really say anything.
on the sip provider i see the sip signalling is happening with 5060 , maybe this occurs this problem?

just for the completeness i have configured xmpp to use ldap authentication.