Jigasi on different server


I’ve been trying to install Jigasi on a different server than the other Jitsi part for a few hours now. My configuration is that Jitsi Meet is in an external data centre, but Jigasi is in the internal one to reach our SIP.

I have done this before with Jitsi from the middle of last year (there was still the Callcontrol component) and am now trying to implement this on the current stable. I think we are now working with Brewerys.

I think I have done everything I should have done to make it work and the logs look good, but no phone function appears in the Jitsi interface. I had that before with CallControl. I have also installed Jigasi directly on the external server, then it does appear, but of course I can’t connect to the SIP because the Jigasi is not then on the network.

So here’s the question: What do I have to do to install Jigasi on a second server that is not the Jitsi-Meet server?

Here is the Jigasi log for first information: (I will replace the realdomin with mydomain and add some spaces in url-like things to bypass the link restriction, the rest is 1:1)

2021-03-19 21:47:31.425 INFORMATION: [39] org.jitsi.jigasi.SipGateway.registrationStateChanged().120 REG STATE CHANGE ProtocolProviderServiceSipImpl(SIP:397@ → RegistrationStateChangeEvent[ oldState=Unregistered; newState=RegistrationState=Registering; userRequest=false; reasonCode=-1; reason=null]
2021-03-19 21:47:31.645 INFORMATION: [53] org.jitsi.jigasi.SipGateway.registrationStateChanged().120 REG STATE CHANGE ProtocolProviderServiceSipImpl(SIP:397@ → RegistrationStateChangeEvent[ oldState=Registering; newState=RegistrationState=Registered; userRequest=false; reasonCode=-1; reason=null]
2021-03-19 21:47:31.648 WARNUNG: [53] org.jitsi.jigasi.health.SipHealthPeriodicChecker.log() No health check started, no HEALTH_CHECK_SIP_URI prop.
2021-03-19 21:47:31.939 INFORMATION: [46] impl.protocol.jabber.ProtocolProviderServiceJabberImpl.authenticated().2423 Authenticated: false
2021-03-19 21:47:31.945 INFORMATION: [46] org.jitsi.jigasi.xmpp.CallControlMucActivator.joinCommonRoom().286 Joining call control room: JigasiBrewery@internal. auth. meeting. mydomain. de pps:ProtocolProviderServiceJabberImpl(Jabber:jigasi@auth. meeting. mydomain. de)
2021-03-19 21:47:32.022 INFORMATION: [60] impl.protocol.jabber.ChatRoomJabberImpl.joined().1323 jigasibrewery@internal. auth. meeting. mydomain. de/jitsi-1ar9ivf has joined the jigasibrewery@internal. auth. meeting. mydomain. de chat room.

There seem to be a connection netstat says:

tcp 0 0 server12. dommydom :52936 meeting. myd:xmpp-client VERBUNDEN jigasi 37360 15561/java

Prosody says I authenticate correctly:

Mar 19 22:03:20 c2s5560547b2810 info Client connected
Mar 19 22:03:20 c2s5560547b2810 info Stream encrypted (TLSv1.2 with ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256)
Mar 19 22:03:20 c2s5560547b2810 info Authenticated as jigasi@auth. meeting. mydomain. de

and I can see the connection through netstat on the external server with the jitsi-meet: (here to, real IP replaced with 999.999.99.99)

tcp 0 0 meeting.myd:xmpp-client 999.999.99.99.fix:52938 ESTABLISHED prosody 26874 660/lua5.2

Do I need something more to configure in jitsi-meet for the SIP function to appear ? Anyone can offer any help ?

I say thank you in advance

Where are you looking for the phone function? You need to click the invite icon and your pop-up should now look like this, if you’ve configured it correctly: