Jigasi, not calling the person

Hey Everyone,

when I try to call someone, I get the result below, which seems to show no problem but the call is not received on the phone.

<iq xmlns="jabber:client" type="result" to="11454d7b-15a0-404d-add5-2e29594341f1@video.m-healthsolutions.com/58815b80-f07f-49b7-8db6-d8e0921a2fcb" from="test@conference.video.m-healthsolutions.com/focus" id="90885f51-8d2d-4991-9747-2eb973673927:sendIQ"><ref xmlns="urn:xmpp:rayo:1" uri="xmpp:16aff71ed4e@callcontrol.video.m-healthsolutions.com"/></iq>

Any ideas?


Have you checked jigasi logs?

Hey Damencho, i responded in this thread, Fully config jigasi?