Jigasi no sound when conference room is hosted in other videobridge server


I have 2 servers in DMZ for jitsi infrastructure :

  • one for component nginx / prosody / jitsi-meet / jicofo / jigasi / 1rst videobridge
  • second one for component 2nd videobridge

All is perfect, conferences room are load-balanced over two services videobridge.
statistics between this servers are pubsub sharednodes
The two servers are behind NATs…

The problem is :

when room is hosted to the second videobridge, all particpants calllers SIP over jigasi can to be connected but without any sound …

All is perfect when room is hosted on the same server that jigasi is …

Have you got an idea ?

Thanks …

Jigasi cannot send or receive from the second birdge on 10000 udp?


yes i have opened port 10000 udp between the sip server and the two jitsi servers. But i see only rtp traffic (udop port > 10000) from sip server to the first server where jigasi is …

This is the configuration of the second server :


jigasi is only installed on the first server, the snd server is hosted a videobridge


i have just changed port 3478 to the orignal port 10000.
i have just also opened port 10000 between the 2 servers …

All is OK,

Thanks …