Jigasi - invite no working with password secured room

I have default docker system, and everthing working. I have auth , and guest enabled.

I have working jigasi - only outgoing calling with invite option. (i dont need IVR now)
And when i set password to my room the invite stop working.
Without password i can call to someone and it working great.

Thanks for help

One resolution is to add ivr to ask for password and pass the password as sip header.

IVR is needed for incoming calls.

But i want only outgoing call (invite option +)

OK i make few test now.

When i create room and invite phone - its work.
When i create room, set password its and invite phone - stop working.
But when i refresh page give password (i have remeberd password) it working again.

Hi, did you find a a way to skip refreshing the page in order to make it work?