Jigasi health check

What’s the benefit of using Jigasi Health check? is this just for debug or does it trigger or enhance anything?

I have Asterisk setup to play a recording when a virtual extension is dialed, jigasi sip URI is set to the extension. I see successful health-checks… is that all? seems like a waist of resources if it’s only reporting a log line.

Hi Craig,

you can add the endpoint http://host:8788/about/health to your monitoring system in order to periodically check the health of your jigasi and SIP provider.

Best wishes,


This can detect if the sip side is down or there is a problem connecting to it, if you mean the healthcheck that is creating sip calls. Then jigasi will report unhealthy and if something is monitoring that can evict that instance from the pool of instances to be used and scale a new healthy one.