Jigasi: fix audio streaming to GCP - clear audio buffer when user is muted

Currently, in Jigasi, a participant’s speech will be stored in a local buffer until the buffer length is full. Meanwhile, if the participant mutes his/her audio and the local buffer is not full, jigasi won’t call the GCP until the participant unmutes his/her audio. How can jigasi listen to a mute event and release the buffer to GCP?

@damencho @Freddie @saghul Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

What is the size of this buffer, this is few milliseconds of speech, isn’t it?
We haven’t seen any issues with that.

Thanks, @damencho for the reply. Right now, it is 500ms which is high for some cases jigasi/Participant.java at master · jitsi/jigasi · GitHub