Jigasi - first SIP inbound call drops

Hi all,

I’m pretty new to Jitsi and SIP.

I’m using Jigasi to allow an automatic conference call when every host of my network boots up. The hosts are using Ekiga (Linux) and SIP protocol.
I’m not using web browser and cannot use it in my application.
I’m currently using the “siptest” room, but it is enough to me.

I managed to get it work if two hosts contact the Jigasi username at the same time: they connect each other and so does a third/fourth/… host that joins the conference. If the fourth/third… hosts finishes the call, the conference continues.

But when only one host is connected to the conference, the call drops after a few seconds. If no other host is trying to connect to the conference, it’s not possible to join the conference.

As you can imagine, this situation could be lead to the need of restarting periodically the call until the lucky situation where someone else is trying at the same time…

I was wondering if some particular configuration can be applied in order to allow a unique participant in the conference?

Thank you in advance.