Jigasi Docker - Jitsi-Conference-Room or X-Room-Name?

I am confused with above 2 header values -


What should we use to send as a header from our SIP?

I tried sending one over other and even both but getting this error:

2022-10-06 23:05:51.434 WARNING: [80] SipGatewaySession$WaitForJvbRoomNameThread.run#1591: [ctx=1665097550421865736914] No JVB room name provided in INVITE header

If I configure the default room inside sip-communicator.properties, it’s able to join that conference. Also, unable to look into pcap files as getting below error and not writing any pcap files:

java.lang.SecurityException: Insufficient rights to access this file in current user's home directory: /config/log/jitsi0.pcap

Version: Jigasi stable-7648-4

Can someone clear my confusion and help out here?

This is the default one. Which can be changed with a property like

why is it necessary to add a additional SIP-Header and why you don’t do it like the telephony with the TO-Header? Is it maybe possible with jigasi?

Isn’t the TO the sip account used by jigasi?

The header has worked without a problem for years …

The PBX I use, looks on the User-Agend-ID and if there is the word “Jitsi” (in my constelation = Jitsi2.11.0.build.by.SVNLinux), the PBX will automaticly add an additional header (Jitsi-Conference-Room:) with the information from the to-header of the SIP-package.
So in the first step we catch the DTMF-dialing send them to the gateway and remove the prefix.

Now, with the newer jigasi versions, the User-Agend-ID was changed (Jigasi1.1.265-g4049f97Linux) and the trigger doesn’t work anymore.

The easyiest way to fix it, would be to act like the telephonie standard. In my opinion.

I don’t understand what is that.

But any PRs are welcome if they keep the current behavior as default.

I see Damien.

Just wonder, if I keep the property i.e.

and then just pass Jitsi-Conference-Room as header (instead of X-Room-Name), is it suppose to work? Or I am suppose to pass X-Room-Name as header?

If you do not specify a custom header name with the property, the default is used.
Default header is Jitsi-Conference-Room

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