Jigasi configure with jitsi but no subtitle is visible

I had configured the jitsi with jigasi. also completed the google cloud step. able to start the meeting and transcriber is also join, the meet is started but the caption are not visible

start caption is enable

(this need to be install in the same server-GitHub - alphacep/vosk-server: WebSocket, gRPC and WebRTC speech recognition server based on Vosk and Kaldi libraries)
Thank you in advance

is it possible to hide transcriber

Make sure it authenticates using the domain specified in hiddenDomain property from config.js

how can i configure from below
// List of undocumented settings used in lib-jitsi-meet

Add another virtual host in prosody which will be your new domain and that requires authentication.

Use this to authenticate jigasi

You can create the account for jigasi using a command similar to this: jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet-prosody.postinst at 0bf52b613b8665513635d5cb69b43a376cc7f0c0 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

Add the newly created domain in config.js as value to hidden domain.

would it be fine if i used the “auth.jitsidomain.com” and same password of that auth user for the same as hidden domain

May work … not sure, haven’t tested it this way …

it give me error after user configuration

Still not working

Check why it reloaded from the js console logs

above issue is resolve but still the captions is not coming

Do you have valid Google service creds? Check Jigasi logs for any hints/errors…

yes i have valid credential already should i reinitialize ??

If they are valid service creds, no need. Checking Jigasi logs is the next step…

this is my last jigasi log:

I just wanted to show caption nothing else do you have any proper documentation for that please help .

Thank you

This is the documentation, and it worked for me: GitHub - jitsi/jigasi: Jigasi: a server-side application acting as a gateway to Jitsi Meet conferences. Currently allows regular SIP clients to join meetings and provides transcription capabilities.

You might want to verify all the config changes once more…

how to do below step

That’s for changing config at runtime. You do not need it unless you want to do that…

so i can skip above step right??

if yes then right now whenever i am click on start subtitle “transcriber” automatically join the meet no issue with that but caption is not coming is it related to google service configuration

if no then please let me know how to achieve only caption functionality

As already mentioned, you do not need that step. And I wonder why a separate thread was opened for this again…

Sorry for that i was thinking my issue will resolve quickly .
right now what should i do

caption is not coming

or is it related to add service in my google cloud account