Jigasi capacity and best practices for deployment

I am in process of adding jigasi into our existing jitsi based solution on cloud. considering jigasi is not necessarily tied to a shard, is there any guidelines on deployment of jigasis compared ot number of jvbs we may have. Also is there any official benchmarking of simultaneous calls JIGASI can handle?

You might want to check High capacity recording and closed captioning (Jibri and Jigasi)? Best practice? - #6 by damencho

not intersted in jibri but purely jigasi capacity and deployment topology. I guess it says somewhere that 50-100 concurrent sessions - is that expected to be the official capacity of a jigasi?

Yep, we had run a test with latest jigasi on a machine with 8 virt cores and we reached more than 300 simultaneous calls (1:1) and we reached the 3GB limit of the memory of jigasi. This is with not transcoding of media, but just translator mode.

Thanks for the response. i will use that as a reference point.