Jigasi Asterisk integration with video

After having read most of the topics, I still did not get the point, and I want just to add my question about Jigasi video support, which is not clear to me.
I need to integrate Jitsi with Asterisk, and I succeeded in this, the real reason is to allow the Asterisk user to join a video conference started of course on Jisti. The call is one way only: Asterisk -> Jigasi. I have got this working, but with no video. I see the Sip user getting in the conference but is always show without video while the SIP Invite got the information about video codec, also on jigasi sip-communicator.properties there are a lot information on codec.

Is this the limit? I have not to expect that the video will be handled?
If this is the limit, why I should use Jisti and not stay for audio only conference on Asterisk it self?

Have you solved this?
I have the same problem too.

Jigasi does not support video and will never support it, it is sip audio gateway.