Jigasi and multiple rooms

I have 2 issues:

  1. I install Jigasi with Freeswitch and I’m able to call form Freeswitch to Jitsi server and connect to Conference room “siptest” but I’m not able to call from Conference room to a participant number so that I can invite him to conference session.

  2. Call from SIP server to Jigasi works only for Room “siptest”
    How can I achieve the config so that any room can be accessible?


  1. Make sure you configure jigasi to use mucs.
  2. You need to pass a custom sip header with the roomname to join.

Thank you for your quick answer.
Kindly can guide me how to do that?
Thanks again

Search the forum there are multiple places where this is explained, like Tutorial - Jitsi / Jigasi & FreePBX integration. Along with Asterisk IVR to use Jitsi conference mapper API
Sorry not on the pc these days and its hard to give more precise answers …

Than you very much