Jigasi and jvb high cpu

I held one conference with a total of 20 users, 3-4 of them dialed in. I was monitoring cpu, setup is 2 vCPU 8GB ram htop reported jvb over 105% with most users video being surpressed, and jigasi using more than 50%

This seems quite high to me. Is this to be expected?

running current builds of everything.


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Interesting, what processor(s) is this ?

CPU demand can be lowered in such scenarios by removing some UI features.

See this example of optimization for a yoga class use case, it has several modifications to lower CPU.

host is a vmware esx 6.5, 10gb nics, ssd storage, AMD EPYC 7551P 32-Core Processor, and 256gb ram…the host is under utilized, there doesn’t seem to be any contention with other VMs.