Jigasi and 3CX


I have successfully set up Jitsi on a Docker installation running in a VM on my own server.

Now, I am trying to connect my 3CX to Jitsi via Jigasi. Originally, I provided the FQDN of my 3CX installation in the .env file but for some reason jigasi cant reach 3cx that way. So I replaced the FQDN with the internal IP of my 3CX installation to see whether jigasi would be able to contact 3cx that way.

To my surprise, however, jigasi keeps trying to connect via the FQDN (which is no longer in the .env file. I have restartet the jigasi docker, the entire jitsi docker stack and even the whole vm. But jigasi keeps trying the FQDN of 3CX instead of the internal IP…

What am I missing?


I don’t understand what is going on.

The information I originally entered and that I want to change now is stored in sip-communicator.properties. When I change it there and restart the jigasi container, the changes I made simply revert.

My theory was that sip-communicator.properties would be populated by some services based on the information I provide in the .env file - that’s why I changed the information there - but that, too, gets changed back every time I edit it.

So here is my question: In which file do I have to make changes in order to change the way jigasi behaves? Alternatively, how do I make those changes persistent?


When I typed in “persistent” above, it started to dawn on me that this might be part of the beautiful mystery that is docker to the uninitiated (me).

So my solution was to scrap the docker install of jitsi and reinstall in an ordinary lxc container. Within an hour jitsi was up and running again and, this time, jigasi registered with my 3cx pbx.

But I still can’t call into a conference. The manual says “Launch again a browser with the Jitsi Meet URL and you’ll see a telephone icon on the right end of the toolbar. Use it to invite SIP accounts to join the current conference.”

Well, I don’t see a telephone (BTW: where is the toolbar anyway? Is it the one with the hand and the chat symbol?)

On the other end, when I call the DID assigned to the extension to which jigasi is successfully registered, the call is directly forwarded to voicemail or I hear a “busy” signal (depending on how I configure call forwarding for the extension).

So something is still not right. But what?

Click on the “Invite” icon, it will bring up a pop-up box with a text field where you can enter a sip address or phone number.