Jidesha Join Jitsi Meet link goes to meet.jit.si instead of my URL

Hi. I’m trying to use Jidesha to create calendar events that will appear in the Jitsi iOS app and take me to my own server. I’m not using the Chrome Web Store.

The problem is, when I create the Chrome calendar event and click “ADD A Jitsi Meeting”, the location URL is correct (e.g. Jitsi Meeting - https://myurl.com/PurpleBacteriaLaughSelfishly), but when I go to “Add conferencing” and select “Jitsi Meet”, the link that’s generated (“Join Jitsi Meet”) and the one that appears on my phone goes to meet.jit.si. When I don’t select “Add conferencing”, the meeting is visible but not clickable on my phone.

Has anyone encountered this? I don’t care about desktop sharing, so to create the CRX file I’ve tried it many ways, for instance:

in jidesha/calendar:

calendar: cp ../chrome/*.png .
calendar: cp ../chrome/background.js .
calendar: vim meet-calendar.js // edit BASE_DOMAIN to examplejitsi.com
calendar: vim manifest.json  // edit externally_connectable matches to have *://examplejitsi.com/*

Then in chrome://extensions, with developer mode enabled, I pack the extension, and drop resulting .crx file into same window of Chrome. I’ve also tried loading it unpacked as well as Chrome complained about it not being in the Web Store (after I completely removed Chrome and reinstalled it).

I’ve tried both with and without editing meet-calendar.js’s BASE_DOMAIN from meet.jit.si to my URL with no luck. I’ve also tried it using the make.sh script (both with and without BASE_DOMAIN editing) and it’s the same: the link in Chrome calendar’s “Join Jitsi Meet” and in my Jitsi app goes to meet.jit.si.

Update: I’m able to get clickable calendar notifications if I first go into a random room on the server and use only the extension’s “Add” button to create a Jitsi calendar meeting.