Jicofo XMPP Connection -> Service or Client


I have searched through forum but could not find exact answer for this. There is an xmpp-connection-name configuration in Jicofo. From the reference.conf JVB’s are connected as Service. Jibri’s are connected as Client

bridge {
xmpp-connection-name = Service

jibri {
xmpp-connection-name = Client

So, what behaviour changes exactly when setting Service or Client ? Any ideas?


I don’t believe there are any changes in behavior, splitting them (‘just’) allows some sort of load distribution, if you will. Instead of parsing all requests through one connection, you now have an option to separate services so that components can use one connection while your de facto signaling gets to have the other to itself.

As pointed in the reference.conf you can have a client connection and a service connection for jicofo.
If there is no service one configured the client one is used.
This is used in the case where you want to run 2 prosody instances one handling the client connections and one handling the service connections. Currently, only the jvb is the one can benefit from it (jigasi and jvb are still not migrated). At the moment you can separate and run the communication between jicofo and jvb instances in separate prosody.

Actually I noticed it when I was investigating a problem in Jibri connection.
So, if I don’t separate the prosody as client and service connections, then there is no difference. Currently we are not doing that.

Under a high traffic, I guess connecting Jibri’s as Service and separating the prosodies will have a positive effect.

Thanks a lot.

Currently the code handles only jvb using service connection. Jibri and service connection needs to be implemented.