Jicofo will not receive the message of leaving the room until it is disconnected

I was looking at the code of jicofo recently. I want to monitor the departure time in the onMemberLeft method of the JitsiMeetConferenceImpl class. Both are good together, but when the WIFL is manually closed on the mobile phone, he will receive the departure message every few minutes. I want to know if this time can be set? Or where to adjust, it takes too long for me to receive the message in a few minutes

@damencho Do you know the answer?

I suspect your client is not hanging up cleanly, not sending the last signaling message which is <presence unavailable and that session timeouts in 60seconds and this is what you are seeing.

You are right. The client does not hang up normally, but the server receives the message that the client leaves for a few minutes. Can this time be set by parameters?

In practice yes, but you need a source modification in one of the lib-jitsi-meet dependencies.

60 seconds is the bosh standard and is hardcoded in strophe.js library. There is an option to control that in prosody, but that will not work without the other change and you will get frequent disconnects for normal participants.

Can you give a hard coded link to Lib jitsi meet? Do you have any control options? I’m going to test it, and by the way, my disconnected client is Android

Thank you, I will test it, I am looking at the source code of jitsi recently, there will be some questions to ask the forum and you, thank you in advance

I now have two servers, one is JMS and the other is jvb. When one jvb goes down, the traffic can be automatically transferred to the other jvb. This mode is the main standby mode
I searched the community and found that when one jvb has a high load, the next traffic will be transferred to the other jvb. Is this true? Or are there other modes of work