Jicofo - strange SEVERE message

Hi there,

i found a strange error message in jicofo log i don´t understand. Would be nice if somebody can enlighten me:
ChatRoomImpl.modifyPresence#608: No presence packet obtained yet
Jicofo 2022-03-01 07:38:50.254 SEVERE: [19] [room=__jicofo-health-check-adde0d3f36e6846a@conference.meet.example.com meeting_id=]

It´s SEVERE so i want to know if have to be worried.




It’s hard to tell just from this one line from the jicofo log :slight_smile: It could be a severe but transient message in which case you don’t have to worry about it. However, I see that the top level domain that you are using is example.com which generally needs to be changed. Do you notice any other problems with your instance?


Hi George,

thanks for your answer.
The domain is of course not example.com. :slight_smile:
Basically we dont notice other problems. We run a big environment so of course we face some troubles from time to time but not having big issues. I only want to understand all the messages occur.

In this case i was concerned about that the health-check is a room and thought this can not be right. Maybe you can explain to me how this works. I assume jicofo opens this room. Does jvbs joins this room and/ or which presence cannot be obtained?