Jicofo Secure Multi-room



I used the above instructions to lock down my instance and provide username/password authentication for creating a room.

Unfortunately it seems like once someone is authenticated, the room is created, but the user no longer automatically joins the room via Jitsi-meet, instead they must manually refresh the tab after logging in to get into the now unlocked room.

The other issue is that the same user can then visit any other room, and unlock it, until you delete the sessionId from their localstorage.

Is there any way to prevent an auth from globally allowing a user to create rooms.

And also, is the issue with the auth unlocking the room not triggering people waiting on the room to join, or the moderator who authed to join a known issue, or something to do possibly with my particular prosody configuration?


So, about not entering the room and need to refresh. There is a bug which is still not fixed in stable, but if you update to unstable that problem is fixed there.
About the deleting the session-id, there is a property that you can set in jicofo, that will change the behavior:


Thanks Damencho.

I’ll wait for the fixes to roll onto stable for automatically authing. We are writing our own client, so it isn’t super important.