Jicofo Run Script and Setting Up Secure Domain


This is my first post on the community and I have been really struggling to get this working for the last few days. None of the posts in the forum seem to have answered my question, and I am really finding it hard to understand the installation instructions.

I currently have a Debian setup on a virtual machine running Nginx and I have installed Jitsi Meet on a subdomain of my web site. I am trying to set it up as a secure domain so that only I and a couple of other work colleagues can use the Jitsi server to create conference rooms (but anyone else should be able to join). This is exactly the functionality I was hoping to get from the secure domain setup of Jicofo.

I tried following this guide: https://github.com/jitsi/jicofo

I have attempted this multiple times and failed. Currently, I find myself confused at the following steps:

Running Jicofo from Distribution Package
What distribution package is this talking about? I have already installed Jicofo from Debian using the method described in the quick install instructions. Do I need to follow these steps? How do I build the distribution package?

The fourth step of this says to execute the Jicofo run script with the given arguments. How do I execute the Jicofo run script? Every time I attempt to do so, the Debian console keeps returning the error ‘command not found’, nor could I find the bash file to begin with. Is there something missing from the version of Jicofo I’ve installed?

Every time I try logging in to Jitsi now on my web site, every room I go looks as if there is another user in the call and I am unable to use any of the moderator controls. I suspect this is because of an incomplete installation of Jicofo. Please do let me know how to solve these issues. My apologies if these questions seem basic, I am not all that confident configuring web servers.

Best wishes,

Follow just the secure domain part