Jicofo Room Reservation Functianality

Hi @damencho

Just implemented “The reservation system over REST API”. I am facing one issue.

The conference room get destroyed only after duration over on both the cases.(Means either all party leaves or duration over). Room not destroyed as soon as all participants leaves.(understandable…)

The issue/Bug i am facing is :

If all participant leaves the conference before duration(Room destroyed after set duration only), and again try to create same room the request goes to “Reservation” server every time they do that, whereas if conference room get destroyed just because set duration completed the next subsequent request never goes to “Reservation” server.

One more thing, 30 minutes added in duration by default?


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@amitsharma1576 can you please tell me what is this reservation system is??

Hi @QA_Purch,

Actually by this Reservation system we can control room creation. For further please check this

@amitsharma1576 can you please tell me how to set the base URL, i am using docker Jitsi meet , locally, and want to enable the reservation rest APIs.