Jicofo RESTReservations room conflict

My setup: JWT authentication and REST API reservation. One of participants is a moderator via JWT field and custom lua script in prosody.
I always have only two participants in the room and ocassionaly get this error:

Jicofo 2020-05-14 09:11:39.941 SEVERE: [67] org.jitsi.impl.reservation.rest.RESTReservations.log() Room xxxxxxx@conference.[DOMAIN], conflict : f8cbde6f-fc76-49fe-b74d-b9a58f1952ff@[DOMAIN] != df010041-259b-4520-992b-759607a29d63@[DOMAIN]

This possibly happens when first person joins the room and leaves before second person joins. Then second person joins and tries to re-create the room and above error occurs. In this particular example moderator joined as first then left and non-moderator joined “empty” room.

I will appreciate any help with pointing me what to look for, or am I missing anything in my setup, or is this desired, or how to possibly fix this…

PS I just checked and it reproduces as above: first person joins and leaves before second person. Then second person gets error, hence second person can join only when first person is present in the room.
Moderator’s status is not a factor.

Looks like safe workaround for me is to disable this check:

There is this issue and this PR that apparently are quite related.