Jicofo reservation: Not able to reuse room after call termination

I implemented reservation API successfully and at the end of the duration, I see the message ‘call terminated’ notification. The duration send in the POST response is set correctly and an id is also passed along with the duration as said here. But the DELETE request called when a call is terminated is not working. The id passed in the DELETE request has null value. Due to this I am not able to reuse the room once a call is terminated.

I think you are not the first one to post complaints about the reservation system; I’m afraid (it’s just a guess, I may be wrong of course) that this is code that is not actively maintained anymore, that is, it’s only adapted when the general context (libraries, tools) is changing, but not used by the maintainers.
So if you don’t post a proper bug report to github, and you will have to jump into java code if only to add some debug statements to do a proper bug report in these conditions, there is not much chance your problem will be addressed.

:+1: That is true. But there are people in the community that use that and we relay on them for fixes.
@Damien_FETIS you was using that, right? Can you help.

How gou have implemented I have seen the documentation about reservation but I don’t understand can you please explain in a easy way or more details steps? If I have installed jitsi by quick install then how do I use it ? Do I have to enable JWT ? If then ?

Hi @damencho
Sorry for the late reply.
We’re not using the reservation system in our production service, so I don’t have a good view on it.
I made some quick test in our lab, and I find that with our shibboleth auth configuration the Conference allocation works well.
But the DELETE request is never fired by the jicofo.
I’ll dig it more soon, because It could be useful for some user case.