Jicofo Reservation - Meeting duration

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Currently, I’m using Jicofo’s reservation system. And I’m trying to set the meeting duration this way.
Is the “duration” parameter of the POST response taken in account? If a conference went over this duration, will it get “DELETE”-ed ?

I did run a test in which I return all incoming POST request with a 60s duration and after that, nothing happened. Here an example of my response:
{"duration":60,"start_time":"2019-07-04T11:22:14.696+07","name":"Tien Meeting","id":170416410}


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Have you found a solution for that?
I’ve run many tests until now, in only one case my API got a DELETE request after 25 seconds after start_time with a duration of 30 seconds, though the room didn’t close then.

same is here

How does this work? does Jicofo have its own reservation system or I need to get my own to get it working? if so, what reservation system are yall using ?

do you have any answer about your question ??

No, its a little confusing. I have the feeling that I need to get my own reservation system and jicofo will interact with it. but I am not sure.

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Here is the Jicofo reservation system documentation.

You need an external reservation system, it can query and integrate with Jicofo for the actual rooms reservation.

thanks for your kind reply dear,
please is there any recommendations for open source reservation system ??

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same, any recommendations ? what are yall using? does it integrate with any Microsoft products or open source?

how you have enable this https://github.com/jitsi/jicofo/blob/master/doc/reservation.md
I have followed their document and I got 404 error even after putting
@ Yasen_Pramatarov1


/etc/jitsi/jicofo/sip-communicator.properties and even redirect example.com subdomain to my IP by A name record so it’s reservation.example.com to my server’s IP. I have restart jicofo but I got 404 error? why ? please help me how to enable this reservation system