JICOFO looses JIGASI presence after few days

Hey guys,

I’m opening a strange issue here, we are using JIGASI on all of our ours, and SIP dial-in and dial-out are working fine. But sometimes we are not able to make any outbound calls and get’s an error message on screen - Failed to add new participants.

As far I know, JIGASI needs to be detected by jicofo before we can make any outbound calls and restrating jicofo service fixes this problem. I don’t know why jicofo keeps on loosing the contact with JIGASI. I couldn’t find the cause of this issue in any error logs.

Please help
Thank you

How is jigasi configured to connect, via muc?


I don’t know about that but the way it’s configured is the way it ships in and installed. I believe it’s via muc. But I can share my jigasi config.
Thank you

Nope, we have not migrated jigasi installer to use mucs :frowning:

I will try to update the installer the following weeks.


Yes we are using callcontrol component not MUCs. Please let us know when you update the controllers, I will test them out.

Thank you

Hi @damencho

Any updates ?

Nope, I will work on that on the following weeks. Need to finish urgent stuff first, mean while you can follow the documentation.

Not a problem. Thank you