JICOFO lastest version jicofo_1.0-508-1_i386.deb error API /about/health

Hi team.

I installed lastest version on ubuntu 16.04.
I have a error when check API xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8888/about/health?list_jvb=true

How to fix it or I missed something on config jicofo?


Can you give more details? Was it working with previous versions? If yes, which is the last version you saw it working ?
What is your setup? You have multiple jvbs? How are they connected muc or component?

And rhis just caught my eye, why are you still using 16.04 and i386?
Iā€™m planning to bring it to the rest of the team and disable all i386 builds.

Hi @damencho.

It worked with previous versions. it is version jicofo_1.0-481-1_amd64.deb.
I have 3 JVB
-My prosody config

-My jicofo sip-communicator.properties


-My JVB sip-communicator.properties



Sory @damencho. I wrote the wrong version. This is the version I installed

Yep, I reproduced the error, will try to look into it next week.

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Hi @damencho.

So that when you update it to release version?

Once it is merged you can get it from unstable debian repo. For stable it will rake a while ā€¦

@damencho Thank alot for your help.