Jicofo Error adding SSRCs from: xx@conference.xx.xx.xx SSRC is already used

Hello, I have one problem with a new/fresh instalation. I have installed an Ubuntu and then, a standard jitsi meet installation, then I have activated VP9 (preferredCodec: ‘VP9’, at config.js).

Then When I start a new conference with 2 persons, all works fine (p2p comunication), but, when a third person access to the conference, forces the camera to disable in person 1 and 2.
And I get this error at Jicofo Log:

“Jicofo 2022-04-07 09:18:42.996 GRAVE: [21] [room=hh@conference.domain.com meeting_id=8e2d603b-3549-4e48-8712-e2b65d383b7a] JitsiMeetConferenceImpl.onAddSource#1208: Error adding SSRCs from: hh@conference.domain.com/68d7797c: SSRC is already used: 848450703.”
If I left standard codec, VP8, all works fine.

This is the resumen:
Person 1 start a conference → Ok
Person 2 enter the same conference → All is Ok, Sound and video is ok by p2p connection.
Person 3 enter to the same conference → Person 3 enters fine to the conference with sound and camera activated, but the camera is desactivated at person 1 and person 2. They must activate it to send video again.

If after this a new person 4 enter to the same conference, all works fine and no cameras are muted (disabled).

Any idea about this?
Thank you.