Jicofo don't listen/connect to prosody client_proxy (stable 15 apr)

Hello !

I’ve done the last stable release update (15 apr), introducing for me the new “client_proxy” mechanism to communicate between jicofo and prosody.

New configurations has been set in prodosy conf file :

Component “focus.gofast-dev-comm.ceo-vision.com” “client_proxy”
target_address = “focus@auth.gofast-dev-comm.ceo-vision.com

Also jicofo.conf has been adapted to this configuration :

jicofo {
xmpp: {
client: {
client-proxy: focus.gofast-dev-comm.ceo-vision.com

And is properly loaded at jicofo startup :

INFOS: [1] JitsiConfig.#47: Initialized newConfig: merge of /etc/jitsi/jicofo/jicofo.conf: 1,system properties,reference.conf @ jar:file:/usr/share/jicofo/jicofo.jar!/reference.conf: 1

But focus fails (classis “Focus error, retry” in browser, with a service-unavailable error).

There is nothing in jicofo and prosody logs (seems jicofo is more silent that before), but if I set prosody in debug mode I found this error, coming from the new client_proxy module :

focus.gofast-dev-comm.ceo-vision.com:client_proxy debug no sessions to send to!

Thanks in advance for your help ! i’m available if you need anything to debug

Did you run the prosodyctl command to enable it? prosodyctl --config $PROSODY_CFG mod_roster_command subscribe focus.$XMPP_DOMAIN $JICOFO_AUTH_USER@$XMPP_AUTH_DOMAIN

It works, thank you !

Is this documented somewhere ? I have these kind of issues at each updates (and probably will have when support of sip-communicator will be dropped).

Have a nice day !

The Debian package should’ve take care of that automagically IIRC (right @damencho ?). How did you install Jicofo?


Not sure if I am supposed to read all the code rather than finding it in the documentation.

Yes, I do install the components from source and typically deploy on Gentoo Linux and failed badly with the same issue. I am typically checking the self-hosting guide but it currently does not even contain any word about the new configuration - just sip-communicator.properties. Let alone the changed prosody configuration.

Sure I can contribute to the documentation and fork it. However I currently do not feel comfortable as my configuration seems still to be a bit unclean and I am not sure about a couple of things.

So my configuration is a patchwork of the reference configuration I found on GIT and web-resources like Jitsi-meet - ArchWiki but I would rather appreciate a “simple” setup guide in the official documentation.

We have a simple setup guide in the handbook. Yes, it is for debian based distros as this is what we use and what we keep uptodate and taking care for upgrades and such.
The recommendation is do a quick install somewhere and check the config files or you can watch the debian folder for changes in jitsi-meet, jvb and jicofo.

Or you can use the other cross-platform setup we provide - the docker images if the above doesn’t work for you. GitHub - jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet: Jitsi Meet on Docker
You can also find a guide in the handbook Self-Hosting Guide - Docker · Jitsi Meet Handbook