Jicofo creating nonstop new threads

Hello there,

I’m hosting Jitsi on a VPS with 8GB RAM, 4Cores and 100 GB Storage.
Config is default, except own turnserver and Auth enabled for Rooms.

My problem is this:
Over time my VPS “freezes” because of the providers Proc/Thread Limit (400), which stops jitsi working and controling the server via shh, so i need to reboot it via provider page.

By stopping services one by one i could identify jicofo creating nonstop new threads, approximately 5 every 10 seconds (by watching count via htop).

I have checked the logs, but no Warning or Error giving me any hint what is going on.

Has someone a glue for me what i should check (in logs or config) to find the problem causing this?


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I too have this problem. count of threads jicofo on my server ˜290

hi @damencho can you help us?

Update: It’s actually not endless. It stops around 401 ish threads, but that exceeds the limit of my VPS resulting in deadlock.

However, not using Jitsi anymore, there are alternatives which are much more performant and aswell open source.

Topic closed for me.