Jicofo and JVB container keep crashing on launch

I have been trying to do a manual setup of the Jitsi stack for the previous days, but can’t seem to get Jicofo nor JVB to launch properly.

I’m pulling all the latest images from docker hub. Web and prosody start without any issue, but Jicofo and JVB get in a crash loop.

From what I see in the log it looks like they both manage to see each other through prosody after launch, but for some reason that I can’t identify S6’s shutdown scripts kick in.

Here are the logs I get for the containers.

Jicofo - Logs: https://pastebin.com/Aa3Kb45P
JVB - Logs: https://pastebin.com/Yzk7E8i2
Prosody - Logs: pastebin [dot] com [slash] BHeq1bdQ

I’m feeling like I’m probably missing something obvious here, but would gladly get some help. :wink:
Best regards

Figured out it was due to my health-checks on k8s.

I was using port 80 for http calls to the REST API of both of them. JVB users port 8080 for its private API by default.

I still cannot get it to work for Jicofo however. Is there some additional settings to pass to the program in order to have enable the API?

Found my answer to this one too.

For reference, the default API ports are the following:
Jicofo: 8888
Videobridge: 8080

Videobridge also requires the environment variable JVB_ENABLE_APIS to be set to ‘rest’