Jibri with multi recording


I have jibri installed on a separate machine from my jitsi everything is working fine I can even record 1 hour no problem, today I noticed when I record 4 or 5 videos at a same time I have a lock that jibri all recorders are currently busy here are the speciphics of my machine where jibri installed

my question in this case is that the problem comes from the machine of jibri or the machine where I installed jitsi because the machine where I installed jibri it rather good

in this case it is necessary that I make what to add another machine? or increased the resources of the permier machine or how

thank you

One jibri, can record one session, you need to scale up the number of jibris to how many sessions do you want to record simultaneously.

hello @damencho thank you for your relpay

when you say one session i.e. a room? what do you mean by session ?
if i need to scale up the number of jibris that is to say on the same machine I create a new jibri like this for example

prosodyctl register jibri auth.your.domain.com JPwd
prosodyctl register recorder recorder.your.domain.com RPwd

or create a new machine by jibri ?

thank you

You create a new jibri for every new meeting you need to record. Jibri can only do one recording at a time - so one instance of Jibri can only be used in one meeting (room) at a time. If you want to record 4 different meetings going on at the same time, you need to install 4 different Jibri instances (servers).

@Freddie thank you

you need to install 4 different Jibri instances (servers).

and with the same jibri conf in the side of my machine jitsi ?

jibri.conf is on the jibri server. All the jibri servers will have the same jibri.conf, but each one must have a unique nickname (inside jibri.conf).

yes yes my bad

it’s a bit expensive to record 4 records at the same time I need 4 machines

That’s the limitation of Jibri

is there any other alternative to jibri that I can integrate with jitsi for record?

According to the screenshot you shared, you have 32 cores. You may run ~8 Jibri instances on this server using containers.

sorry gentlemen if my English is not good,

what I meant was to create two instances of jibri I need two for example machines 127.0.0.x and 127.0.0.y or I can do it on the same machine

how can i if create another instance in the same machine

You may run ~8 Jibri instances on this server using containers.```

with docker  you mean ?

Yes, with docker. If you containerize that environment, you can run multiple jibri instances as docker.

i will try i’m not familiar with docker

As an alternative you may use LXC (Linux container).

If you install Jitsi according to this guide, it will create multiple Jibri instances on JMS server. (without installing an additional Jibri server).

Number of Jibri instances depends on the number of CPU cores. The system will resize itself according to the number of cores (+1 Jibri for each 4 cores).

@emrah if I try to do what is in the guide do I have to change something in my machine where I have installed jitsi

another question: with the use of jibri not possible that the record is unlimited ?

last question : what is the difference between jibri and localrecording button in jitsi toolbar

thank you

Don’t try it in your current active server. Use a freshly installed Debian 11 Bullseye box. Otherwise it will not work.

Number of concurrent recordings depends on the number of Jibri instances.