Jibri vs. Jirecon

Hi @Boris_Grozev ,
Can you please explain why jitsi decided to discontinue the jirecon project?
How was its performance and specially resource consumption in contrast to jibri?


Here are some aspects covered Recording multiple conferences - #2 by damencho
The answer in short is complexity and the constant development resources you need to dedicate to this project is not worth the effort and investment.
We had been there many years ago, and it doesn’t work.

@damencho is there a way to record the individual streams (audio and video) and save them to different files with Jibri?

I would love to be able to capture those separately


K I’ll do it myself then lol :slight_smile: gonna resurrect Jirecon haha

it has been tried already

Yup. Thanks, I’ll use that probably.

All I really need for my use case is those recording and the option to play them back from the server as live streams.