Jibri unable to join. Selenium ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

All servers are running Ubuntu 20.04, 8CPU, 8GB RAM, 100GB Hard drive

My Jitsi server is installed and appears to work correctly. Multiple parties can join and stability is good.

I created a separate Jibri server and it successfully joins the Brewery room and when called by Jitsi attempts to join the room requested. It creates a new folder in the recordings directory and creates a metadata.json file.
Once this is completed it shows an error in Jitsi and checking the Jibri logs shows “SEVERE: [55] org.jitsi.jibri.selenium.JibriSelenium.log() An error occurred while joining the call
org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: unknown error: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”

I tried to use the service Jibri On Demand and that service connects correctly and is able to record.

Any help would be hugely appreciated, I’ve attached the Jibri log files here 'Untitled Post' | TextUploader.com sadly can’t paste them here due to a limit of 2 links in a post.

I am having the same issue, any luck. scratching my head for couple of day now. check all configs and settings in jibiri jicofo jitsi all look ok

in my case. I have custom port for my jitsi server so chrome driver is going on standard 443 and no myjitsi:8443. I am thinking in jibri config I have to add custome port ? in XAMP server section or domain section ?

true. I have changed it back to https… all working as epxpected . except sharing via chrome is blurry I guess that is separate issue

Did you update jvb.conf and restart the service?