Jibri type recording using lib-jitsi-meet

Hi I was trying to setup conference and recording of same using lib-jitsi-meet.
I have successfully started conference but I am lost at how to start recording.

lib-jitsi-meet github Readme has only one line regarding recording, “recordingType” in initJitsiConference’s option, nothing else.

Is there any way I can start recording using any api of lib-jitsi-meet objects.
Thanks in advance.

Yes, there is. This is what jitsi-meet uses. There should be method in JitsiConference, I think.

Yes, got It, JitsiConferenceObject.startRecording(options);
Just one thing, for Jibri recording, mode: “file” is enough right? in options.

Hi @damencho
Just finished my hands on, its working fine,
Just need to update readme with JitsiConference.startRecording(options) so it will be helpful.

Hi @damencho
i need to use lib-jitsi-meet in my project
can i use recording function or JitsiConference.startRecording for realtime record for all session simultaneously ?
or do i need jibri for record of each session

Yes you can use JitsiConference.startRecording for realtime record. This recording uses Jibri (one instance per meeting), so you have to set up Jibri first.

If I want to record 500 sessions simultaneously, do I need 500 jibri machine ?
Is there any way to save all the meetings with a jibri machine?

Yes afaik, Jibri joins as a silent participant and records the meeting. So you need 500 Jibri instances to record 500 meetings simultaneously.

How much do you recommend the resources for a jibri machine ?

I have no recommendations, since I am not using the said functionality.

if i use lib-jitsi-meet do i can use jibri for record?


thank you