Jibri type recording using lib-jitsi-meet


Hi I was trying to setup conference and recording of same using lib-jitsi-meet.
I have successfully started conference but I am lost at how to start recording.

lib-jitsi-meet github Readme has only one line regarding recording, “recordingType” in initJitsiConference’s option, nothing else.

Is there any way I can start recording using any api of lib-jitsi-meet objects.
Thanks in advance.


Yes, there is. This is what jitsi-meet uses. There should be method in JitsiConference, I think.


Yes, got It, JitsiConferenceObject.startRecording(options);
Just one thing, for Jibri recording, mode: “file” is enough right? in options.


Hi @damencho
Just finished my hands on, its working fine,
Just need to update readme with JitsiConference.startRecording(options) so it will be helpful.