Jibri thinks it's alone in a conference on docker-Jibri to non-docker Jitsi instances. Port problem?

Hey guys,

I’m running the Jibri-Docker-container and a normal non-docker installation of Jitsi Meet. Both run on separate DigitalOcean droplets without any DO firewall. You can see the thread, my steps in how I set it up, and some error logs here.

Jibri does record and I get a video of about 1 min after which it stops the recording cause it thinks that there’s no one in the conference. The recording only shows one avatar.

I could not find any errors in the logs. Could that be a port problem? How can I debug this? Any tips or pointers are highly appreciated.

Solved as mentioned in https://github.com/jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet/issues/416