Jibri stream always stall in middle and how to connect another jibri instance to my meet server?

Hi guys, thanks for this awesome app.
there are 2 question:

  1. I can live stream to youtube, but after couple minute the video will be frozen. Anyway i can fix this? i already check jibri log, but i got nothing there. And how much cpu and memory it neede? i already use 2 core cpu and 8 gig. Im gonna try to add another cpu.
  2. Im planing to add another jibri to my meet server, i already clone my 1st jibri. Add jibri2 and recorder2 on prosody then change my jibri.conf accordingly. Both my jibri server is connected, joined muc jibribrewery and its busystatus is idle. but each time 2nd meeting try to record, it always said all streamer is busy. Do i need to create another recorder domain too?

on question no 2, it seem i cant record and stream on the same time on one meeting room. Tried with 2 meeting room, i can record both of them at the same time.

Java 11 may cause some issues. Use Java 8…
In my environment, Jibri uses ~2 cores and ~2 GB RAM for each stream.

Java 8 is essential. 2 cores may not be powerful enough so the server crashes. Try 4 cpu cores instead.