Jibri stop recording after 30s

Hey @mavenik my sip-communicator.conf is listening to 443.
do i need to change that to 4446 to stop jibri after some time of recording.

@iftikarurrhman_khan Could you paste your org.ice4j.ice.harvest.STUN_MAPPING_HARVESTER_ADDRESSES value here?

In my case, the default TURN server from Jitsi’s infra was not reachable. So I had to switch it to the coturn server on my host itself.

please inform to me your solution… please

@Yohan Could you check your JVB and Jibri logs? It’s likely that the STUN server configured on your setup is unreachable.

$HOSTNAME is my STUN Server’s hostname in this case. If you are running everything on a single host, then it would be your server’s host name E.g. meet.example.com.

By default, this is configured to reach Jitsi’s STUN server, but somehow my setup could not reach that one, most likely due to NAT restrictions on my AWS Security Group.

Hope this helps.