Jibri Sometimes On Using The Base Url and Not Call Name

I have a new weird problem with Jibri since upgrading Jitsi. Jibri works by adding the callName to the baseUrl as such:

data class CallUrlInfo(
    val baseUrl: String = "",
    val callName: String = "",
    private val urlParams: List<String> = listOf()
) {
    val callUrl: String
        get() {
            return if (urlParams.isNotEmpty()) {
            } else {

    override fun equals(other: Any?): Boolean {
        return when {
            other == null -> false
            this === other -> true
            javaClass != other.javaClass -> false
            else -> hashCode() == other.hashCode()

    override fun hashCode(): Int {
        // Purposefully ignore urlParams here
        return Objects.hash(baseUrl.lowercase(), callName.lowercase())

But sometimes it only records the baseURL. But if I stop the recording using lib-jitsi-meet and then restart it, it calls the baseURL and callName.

I also noticed this happens only on the first time a recording/livestream is done on that Jibri instance after restarting the server. But subsequent calls to the Jibri after the first recording/livestreaming loads correctly.

Anything I should be looking at?