Jibri SIP support

Seems like the path to getting SIP Video calls integrated with Jitsi is through Jibri…cool! But…the doc has a few holes in it.

For example, in the soon to be excellent Jitsi Meet Handbook under “Configuring a Video SIP gateway” it says " You will need a working deployment of jibri configured to use a regular sip video device, for more info check out the jibri documentation." And then the Jibri documentation link referenced “for more info…” has, unfortunately, no info at all on the topic. Work-in-progress, I understand… So, meanwhile…can anyone please tell me how to configure Jibri “…to use a regular sip video device…??”

This is all we have at the moment.

I have the same need. I’m lookging for a good documentation or a video to be able to invite Cisco visoconference (SIP Video H264) in Jitsee meet.