Jibri showing just avatar no video

Hi, I am trying to recording a conference in Jitsi, I am sure that JVB is working fine as I can see the video of 3 other users in the call just fine, when I start recording everything is fine and there are no errors in console either, but when I stop the recording and download the mp4 file the mp4 file just shows the avatar of the users in the call as if they disabled there cameras.

Server specifications: c5.4xlarge from AWS ( 16 vCPU, 32 GB Ram, Network Bandwidth up to 10 GBs )

Any help is appreciated.


Jibri machine cannot access udp 10000 on the bridge or the bridge cannot send to the jibri machine … check that path.

I checked the ports on EC2 security group and the instance itself, but 10000 UDP is open on both, take a look at pictures.

EC2 ( Port ):

Ubuntu server:
Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 2.18.37 PM


Also I forgot to mention everything ( jitsi, jibri, jvb ) is installed on the same server.

Here are the logs if it could help anyone.
Recording.txt (12.7 KB)

What about local firewall rules on the machine itelf?
Jvb will advertise its public and private address and jibri should at least connect to the local address on udp 10000.

I am using an iMac to join conferences and the firewall on the mac is disabled. So I assume nothing is being blocked from the machine itself.

No, I’m talking about the firewall where jvb and jibri is installed.
As you see media in the conference, it is the media between jvb and jibri that is having problems, and as this is on the same machine it should be something local …