Jibri settings

Today I had an instance with about 40 online users. There was an internet outage ( at clients end) and some of active users got disconnected. All other users had their camera and microphone muted.
However moderator who was started recording was online all the times but video and mic off. But recording stopped after 30 seconds but there was no notification. Luckily when disconnected users came online recording continued without restarting. End of meeting recording was stopped normally and we found 2 split recordings.
We have following settings on jibri:
call-status-checks {
no-media-timeout = 30 seconds
all-muted-timeout = 10 minutes
default-call-empty-timeout = 30 seconds
Can anyone advise in which priority these settings are implemented?
what is difference between no-media-timeout & all-muted-timeout ?

Since at one point, all the remaining active users (including the Moderator) had both mic and camera turned off, no media was being exchanged. That’s why Jibri suspended recording. This is an educated guess, but I think the difference between no-media and all-muted is that the former means no video or audio, while the latter refers to audio only.