Jibri set timeout when no-one is in conference or no audio is received

I have working installation of a system of Jitsu with multiple jibris and I would like to start a recording for a particular session but ensure it doesn’t stop (either while my bot already left and no-one has joined yet) or while the bot is still inside. Problem with leaving the bot still inside the conference is, that it doesn’t play any audio and therefore after some time Jibri seems to stop the recording since no media is received. Is there any way to set a variable in the config (or maybe even the source code) to reach my desired behavior?

Thanks in advance and Greetings,

There is a param for this in the code, but unfortunately it’s not carried up all the way to the config file, so changing it would involve recompiling Jibri.

Thanks for your quick answer :smiley: