Jibri.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'

What is your kernel?

uname -a

Does it support the snd-aloop module?

modprobe snd-aloop
lsmod | grep aloop
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Linux ip-172-31-42-103 5.4.0-58-generic

yes it do. I changed to this kernel for that

snd_aloop              24576  0
snd_pcm               106496  1 snd_aloop
snd                    90112  3 snd_timer,snd_aloop,snd_pcm

What is the error in the logs now?

THANK YOU FREDDIE!!! I follow your advise jibri work now. Thank you thank you thank you @Freddie. I try so so much now you help me it work!
Thank you too @Kali and @emrah!

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I’m glad you made it… :blush: