Jibri Server slows down

When we stop recording from Jitsi Meet URL and try to access recordings on Jibri Server at “/srv/recordings”, Jibri Server stops responding.

When we restart Jibri Server then we can able to access MP4 file.

What is the best hardware configuration we can have on Jibri Server?

People usually report that an underpowered jibri instance starts eating more and more RAM. This is typically fixed by having enough CPUs. In my experience, two CPUs are clearly not enough and four CPUs seem to be ok, but your mileage may vary. When you have enough CPUs, RAM does not matter so much, 4GB of RAM could be enough.

Hi Sanvila,

Can we have 4CPU and 8GB RAM AWS instance?

Apparently, yes, these are the instance types in AWS:

(However, if your really meant “will it work ok with such instance?”, I can’t answer and you will have to test it for yourself. My experience is based on GCE instances).

4 Cores / 8 GB RAM or better I would recommend.

Thanks Ark74