Jibri Server or Demo?

Is there a public Jibri server or “demo” instance available anywhere? There is a fair amount of documentation on how to install and build Jibri, but I can’t locate any info on simply how to USE it.

For example: If I have a conference running in Jitsi, is there some way to start that streaming to an RTMP endpoint with Jibri? I see no docs on this.

Thanks in advance for any tips.

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You can use the jibris on meet.jit.si you can paste the rtmp link instead of livestream key

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Thank-you. When I start the live stream, it only broadcasts one participant. Is there any way to broadcast all participants (“tile view”)?

Go to settings and choose “Everyone follows me”. Jibri will then broadcast whatever view you set on your screen.

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Thanks, Freddie. When I select this option, I now see a tiled view on the other side, but still with only one participant. Since I’m testing, it’s “Dave1” and “Dave2”. (Wondering of this is because both streams are coming from the same machine? … some kind of optimization?).

As seen in Jitsi:

As seen on the other side:

Just tested from two different machines. Same result. Must be doing something wrong… but what?

I can repro it if I enter the meeting like the Jibri does, this is no optimisation but a bug. Thanks for reporting. I will let you know when that is fixed.

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Thanks. Please do keep me posted. We are very interested in this feature.