Jibri resolution now defaults to 1080p

With the merging of PRs 373, 374, and 375, Jibri resolution for streaming and recording will now default to 1080p. The resolution parameter we pass to ffmpeg is configurable, but it’s probably best to make sure that value and the one set in the xorg conf file are in sync to avoid any unnecessary scaling.

This change isn’t in stable yet, but will make its way there soon.


Aaaayeeeee!!! :man_dancing:t5: :man_dancing:t5: :man_dancing:t5:

@bbaldino thanks for this awesome job! What’s the recording file size like though? Any tweaking to save on size considering the new default resolution?

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Haven’t made any tweaks to any other ffmpeg params. I did a ~45 minute recording and stream to make sure the buffer/queue sizes were still ok and didn’t see any problems there, but we’ll see if anything comes up.

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I’ll try to test it out over the weekend.
Thanks again!

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Amazing news!

@bbaldino Tested the unstable build over the weekend. Installed and configured without issue, however, couldn’t get it to record. When I attempt to start recording, it just hangs in that state for a while (no audio announcement of a start) and then it times out (stops recording - with audio notification). Console reveals:

Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 10.24.43 PM

Jibri log is mostly uneventful. Interestingly, I noticed that the resolution being passed in the ffmpeg params is still 1280x720 (even though 1080p is specified in Jibri.conf). I changed xorg-video-dummy.conf to 1080p as well. This is Jibri version 9.0-0-gaa42762-1.

Any thoughts on what could be wrong?

Hey Freddie, sorry but not sure how a Jibri 9 build got put in unstable, that is just a branch I’m working on and hasn’t been merged to master yet. You’ll want an 8.0 build with a short hash for 09636fa0da5b4a7d02d1a2240c35b9f7091d052c.

@bbaldino aaah I see. Can you provide a specific version number?

I tried 8.0-65-gc8ecf75-1 which appears to be the latest non-9 in unstable and the resolution setting does not seem to have an impact, still records in 720.

It looks like no unstable build has been made since the resolution changes due to a flaky unit test. I’m looking into it, but until then you’ll have to build a jar off master if you want to try.

Is jibri-9 still not complete? @bbaldino
It was working fine last time I tested.

It’s not merged yet. I’m seeing a flaky failure in a unit test which I’m pretty sure is harmless–the coroutine code is annoyingly difficult to test deterministically–but it’s made me a little worried about merging things. I’m glad to hear it’s been working well for you, how much have you tested it?

@bbaldino built from master and it now defaults to 1080p - thanks!
I suppose the enhancement is in making the resolution configurable (I’d initially accomplished the same thing by modifying FfmpegCapturer.kt and rebuilding). Is there any other change I’ve overlooked?

I talk about configuring it in the first post of this thread. Or did you mean something else?

@bbaldino You misunderstand. I’m noting that indeed the resolution is now configurable through jibri.conf, which is great! I was able to get jibri to record and stream in 1080p with previous versions though by making the change in the code and compiling. So, I’m asking: besides this now being configurable in jibri.conf without the need to touch the code, are there other changes to look out for?

Oh, you mean since the previous version? No nothing else has changed, I just cleaned up some unit tests.

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Okey-dokey! Thanks! :+1:t5:

Expectedly, Jibri definitely needs more resources to record and stream in 1080p. CPU demands are a bit higher and that should be expected, since ffmpeg is doing more work. There’s no getting away with 2CPUs at all anymore… lol. That spec was never trouble-free to start with anyway.

I have confirmed this works as expected in unstable version 8.0-69-gd03f0fa-1