Jibri records Audio but fails to records meet screen

Hi All,

Done the install and config for Jitsi and Jibri on two linux machines which are Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
followed below article for installation from community:

Server 1 is installed and configured to run Jitsi.
Server 2 is installed and configured to run jibri.

Once meeting is started and recording button is hit, recording get started.
When stop recording is hit , recording is stopped.

The mp4 file which gets generated in /recordings directory is also getting played but it plays only audio and meeting screen is not recorded. Instead it records GUI screen of machine.
Want to record meeting screen and facing the issues for same.

This is how i see the screen when i play mp4 recording file.

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That guide is outdated. Here’s an updated guide on how to install the current version of Jibri - TUTORIAL - How to Install the NEW JIBRI. Of most pertinent note is that config.json (referenced in the guide you used) has been deprecated. Jibri now uses jibri.conf for configuration.

@Freddie Thank you for pointing it to updated document for Jibri Install and config.

The missing part from myside was not setting “allowed_users=anybody” in /etc/X11/Xwrapper.config file on Jibri VM.
Using standalone machine for Jibri installation.

Now able to record both audio and video of meeting using recording feature.