Jibri recording on AWS S3

Hi Damencho,

We are having 2 servers like Jitsi and Jibri. We are able to store recordings on local storage of Jibri Server. We would like to host all recordings on AWS S3 bucket.

  1. How we configure AWS S3 bucket for storage of JIbri Recordings?
  2. How we cue conferences when one conference is going on with recording on Jibri, once first finishes second will start immediately.

Do let me know if you need any clarification.


Use the finalize recording script to upload the finished conference’s record to S3. Search for “finalize recording” in the forum.

Hi Emrah,

Can you share the script here?


Hi Emrah,

Hope following script you were saying;’

set -e

VIDEO_PATH=$(find FOLDER -name '*.mp4' | head -1) VIDEO_NAME=(basename VIDEO_PATH) VIDEO_NAME_KEY=(echo $VIDEO_NAME | sed “s/.mp4/_$KEY.mp4/”)

[[ ! -f “$VIDEO_PATH” ]] && exit 1

exit 0

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Hi @emrah could you please help me here, how to connect the s3 bucket? I mean where to give the bucket name and credentials to connect it. Could you please help me to share the full process to upload a recorded file in s3 bucket.

first you need to be able to upload any file from the console using jibri account. If this works, the finalize script can upload the video using the same command.

This part is not related with jibri, check the s3 doc

try rclone in finalize.sh.

/usr/bin/rclone copy /config/jibri/recording amazons3:jitsi-recordings/recordings/ -v --log-file=/config/rclone/rclone.log