Jibri - recording is on, recording is stopped on Ubuntu 18.04

There is already a link to the reference.conf which has all you need.

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It will be good for other users if you add example_xmpp_envs.conf into reference.conf
I searched it during long time :frowning:

Thank you a lot for your answers. :+1:

I can help you to correct some misprints in jitsi documentation.

Can i set this checkbox as default in Jitsi-meet configs?


Nope. It doesn’t make sense, it will be really a mess if everyone is trying to follow everyone.

I understand. This is the setting of a participant, not a conference. Thank you.

If you want to change it because of grid view in recordings, this had been changed and jibri now uses stage view by default. Already in unstable repo, will soon hit stable.

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Exactly. You read my mind!